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SOAP Web Services Authorization Bypass Vulnerability



SOAP Web Services Authorization Bypass Vulnerability

Severity LevelCRITICAL
Issue Date2012-08-28
Last Updated2012-08-28
Affected ProductsEucalyptus 3.0.2, 3.1.0 and earlier
CVE NumberCVE-2012-4065




A security vulnerability has been identified in the implementation of the SOAP interface exposed by front-end components in Eucalyptus 3.1.0 and earlier. An update is now available that resolves this issue. We advise immediately updating all affected Eucalyptus installations following the instructions below.


Eucalyptus front-end components (Cloud Controler and Walrus) can be accessed using a SOAP web services messaging protocol. A flaw was found in the implementation that binds external SOAP messages to internal services. This flaw allowed users with valid Eucalyptus credentials to bypass existing authorization mechanisms for some services that should not be directly accessible by external users. As a result, a malicious user could perform privileged operations, such as manipulating volumes and snapshots belonging to other users or modifying the Eucalyptus cloud configuration.


This issue is resolved in Eucalyptus version 3.1.1.

Please see for instructions on downloading and upgrading to the latest Eucalyptus software.

Contact and help

Contact the Eucalyptus security team at