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Missing Authorization Vulnerability in Walrus


DescriptionMissing Authorization Vulnerability in Walrus
Severity LevelLOW
Issue Date2013-04-16
Last Updated2013-04-16
Affected ProductsHP Helion Eucalyptus 3.2.1 and earlier
CVE NumberCVE-2013-2296




A security vulnerability has been identified in the way Walrus was handling authorization for some operations on buckets in HP Helion Eucalyptus 3.2.1 and earlier. An update is now available that resolves this issue. We advise updating all affected HP Helion Eucalyptus installations following the instructions below.


Walrus is a storage service included with HP Helion Eucalyptus. A flaw was identified in the way Walrus checks authorization for some operations on buckets. As a result, an authenticated user does not require authorization to enable logging and versioning on buckets and could potentially get access to activity logs for that bucket.


HP Helion Eucalyptus version 3.2.2 resolves this issue.

Please see for instructions on downloading and upgrading to the latest HP Helion Eucalyptus software.

Contact and help

Contact the HP Helion Eucalyptus security team at